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One Coyote.... A Long Way Off

Category: Choose by Caliber

Product: 6mm .243 95 gr SST®

Shooter: Mike Horridge

Posted: Dec 16, 2012

Just got back from a south Texas deer hunt near Freer, Texas. Unfortunately did not get a deer, but wanted to tell you about the shot I made on a coyote that I called in with a rabbit call. I was using your new 243 Win 95 gr SST bullet in my 700 ADL rifle. I also had along my golf laser range finder that doubles as my ballistic range finder.

The coyote came out of a wash that I know was over 600 yards away. I waited for it to move closer, but eventually she stopped in the middle of the sendera/road. My range finder said she was a little over 200 yards away. I held the cross hairs at the top of her head and squeezed off one round. She rolled over twice and was dead as a door nail. I walked down the road to where she was with my range finder and measured from her carcass back to the ground blind that I was in... the shot was 294 yards!!! Unbelievable. 

Two guys from camp picked me up and they validated the kill and the distance with the range finder. The did accuse me of dragging her down the road a bit, but that was all in good fun. Nice job on the new ammunition!