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Nevada 4 point muley

Category: Ammunition

Shooter: Darrell David

Posted: Aug 24, 2011

I know it's not a great picture, but the point of this is to commend Hornady on a great bullet. I was using 30-06, 165 gr SPBT. The deer was across a ravine running uphill almost straight away, (ranged at 226 yds after it was over), the bullet entered the 4th most rear rib, broke 3 more ribs along its path and came to rest just inside the hide at the neck. Thus I was able to recover the bullet, it was perfectly mushroomed and by the scale still weighed 158 gr.. I was using a sporterized WWII Enfield rifle that my dad gave me, I was so impressed. I know what ammo and bullets I will use for reloading and hunting from here on out. Thanks Hornady.