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My First Fox

Category: Custom Dies

Shooter: Rob Girling

Posted: Nov 10, 2013

I've only been into shooting for the last 18 months so one of my very first experiences of shooting animals after learning the basics was shooting fox.

So my first time shooting foxes I had a .223 didn't know the brand of the gun shot a few crow's with it we headed out it was a warm dry night in outback Australia we had the spotty set up on the top of the ute. We had been driving around for a few hours shooting at roo's and rabbits then we are going through a paddock shining the light on a flock of sheep and bang a glimps of little red eyes just sitting waiting and watching, so we pull up the ute and I take a moment to settle, I squeeze out one round and boom, hit it straight in the chest through the heart and out the other side.

So then we drive over too it which was measured at a 280ft shot when i jump down of the ute the smell is overwhelming and right on disgusting because I've not only shot and killed this fox but I gutted it as well. It turns out a ewe had dropped two lamb's twins and he was sitting there waiting too pick one off when the mother dropped her guard so it was even more special I cleaned and salted the tail and sewed it too my hat and it's amazing.

Until my next trip I'll have to live on the memory's like that..thank-you for reading.