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My first Antelope

Category: SSTŪ

Shooter: Aaron Constable

Posted: Aug 22, 2012

This was my first antelope tag I had ever drawn successfully drawn for. My buddy Dave wanted to help me in this hunt since I had only moved to this area a little over a year ago. Opening day we got out to our area prior to daylight. As the light started coming over the mountains, we spotted antelope on the ridge lines. We drove our ATV's then hiked to within shooting range. Both of us forgot our range finders, so we estimated the buck somewhere about 375 to 400 yards. While I rested my rifle on some rocks, Dave told me to hold the cross hairs on the top of his back. I got the antelope on target and squeezed off one shot. He buckled and spun around before falling down. I was shooting Hornady's 95 grain SST load in my .243 Winchester. Great ammunition - I will be using this a lot more.