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My best ever buck

Category: .243 6mm

Product: 6mm .243 105 gr A-MAX®

Shooter: Ernie Parsons

Posted: Jun 2, 2010

Let me start with a little history on myself. I am 44 years old, have been hunting for 8 years and shooting for 30 years. I bought my first new rifle 3 years ago, a Remington model 700 in .243. Started to reload for it and found a Hornady 105 grain Amax bullet and IMR powder combination that works well. Practiced and practiced some more until I became very efficient with it. Enough about me.
This year started as the last couple of hunting seasons have. Warm days, cool nights and no snow. This is not normal for northern Ontario Canada. In our small group of hunters, we have 100 acres of primarily bush with some swamp and a creek that runs through.
Midweek and very few sightings deer but heard lots of them. Trying to understand their travel routes, from what was scouted before the hunt started. I was walking down the trail when I heard the sound of a deer walking and crashing through a very thick bush area, lots of downed trees and leaves. I stopped and waited listening and watching along the trail hoping to get a glimpse of this deer. I saw him through a slit opening on anther trail path, when he came out about 110 yards away. He turns out from the bush and gave me a sight too hard to believe the biggest deer I have seen in real life. Now I have seen deer before, 4, 6, 8 points but the bodies are not that big. This one looked right at me half hidden behind some brush, the head and front shoulder were huge. I raised the rifle, got my heart rate under control, steadied the rifle, a deep breath and exhaled. I fired hitting him in the shoulder and heart. He ran about 35 yards or so. At this point, I still did not notice the amount of points on the rack, probably due to the small tree behind the deer rather made the rack look small or so it seamed. When my hunting partner and good friend helped to recover, the deer that is when I found out it was a 12 pointer.