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Mule deer vs SST

Category: .277 270 CAL

Product: 270 Cal .277 130 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Patrick

Posted: Nov 2, 2012

Was watching a group of 7 does from 500yds off as they all started bedding down. Did a stalk to see if they had any bucks with them, and was able to get within 50yds. Watched them for about 30min before they started standing, feeding, and moving away. The 7 turned into 14 but still all does. Caught back up with them a couple ridges over and seen that they had picked up this buck. The deer were about 400yds off and not getting any closer. They moved over the next ridge and we were able to close the gap on them to 250yds, which is when I took the shot. This was the first time killing something with my new reloads (130grn SST). The bullet performed perfectly. It cut one lung completely in half and detached the heart from its arteries. It left a quarter size hole in the opposite rib cage and the bullet stopped when it hit the shoulder.

On the right is what the bullet looked like after killing a mule deer at 250yds. Bullet performed perfectly. All shock was contained in the vitals of the deer, causing little to no meat damage. the deer ran/fell 30yds down hill. From my 270WSM reload with 130grn SST.

Very very happy with this Hornady SST!