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Mule Deer-130grn SST w/ 270WSM

Category: .277 270 CAL

Product: 270 Cal .277 130 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Patrick

Posted: Oct 31, 2012

I saw seven does about 500yds off bedding down and was able to stalk 50yds away from them to see if they were being followed by a buck. As they started standing, feeding, and moving away, the 7 turned to 14, still all does. They moved over the ridge where they had attracted this buck.

I caught up with them and from 250yds out and able to put it down with my reload, 130grn SST. The bullet performed perfect. Cut a lung in half, and detached the heart from it's arteries. The bullet left about a quarter size hole in the opposite rib cage and stopped when it hit the shoulder meat, so all shock was contained in the vitals and did little to no damage to the meat.

I'm Very Very happy with this load!