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Long time coming

Category: 270 Win

Product: 270 Win 140 gr SST® Superformance®

Shooter: Nathan Larson

Posted: Nov 23, 2010

It has been a joy to go hunting with friends for the past 7-8 years and helping with the dragging and packing out of elk, deer and antelope. This year I was finaly able to collect on the help that I had given the boys over the years. I was with John looking through the snow at two cows on the top of this ridge about 900 yards away when John said "something is going on, they keep looking back but I don't see anything". We waited for a couple of minutes and there they were, three good looking bulls milling around on a bench below the cows. By this time Johns' brother Aaron walked up, "take the shot Nate you got this" he said. I shot twice and misjudged the distance, I heard Aaron say hold at 500 yards. I shoot again.... wap! It was a beautifull sound, the bull rolled down into a draw that we could not see, so the walk was on. We had to cross a creek that got about knee cap deep and head up the hill to where we thought the bull had gone down. The snow was getting deeper and coming down hard as we made our way up the steep hill side. "Nate he's right there, he's broke down", John said. I steped out and put one more in the middle of his chest and down he went. This is my first bull elk and now I finally understand what all those years of hard work are for. I am not a trophy hunter, if it's legal I will put meat in the freezer, I can't eat horns. This bull scores out at 373 1/8.