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Long shot

Category: 30-06 SPRG

Product: 30-06 Springfield 150 gr SST® Superformance®

Shooter: Kevin VanConant

Posted: May 16, 2011

My wife and myself were in the hills of Clarksville, TN hunting deer. I had taken down 2 does earlier that day and was about to pack it up and head home. We were topping the last hill before getting back to our Jeep and I saw 4 deer standing in the side of another hill. I kept trying to get closer but they kept hearing me move so I decided to take the shot. I had only taken 4 rounds with me, the first was a practice shot before we started hiking looking for deer. The other 2 rounds were shot on the other deer I killed earlier. The other 2 shots were under 110 yard shots so nothing big. I saw a huge doe standing there in the back and wanted to take her down. The wind was around 8-10 miles an hour gusts, I was shooting up hill with pretty good wind and right at a 380 yard shot. So I aimed in and took the shot, the deer dropped right where she stood. I used the Hornady 150 gr SST Superperformance 30-06 rounds. That round had some punch in it. I used the Remington 168 gr the day before and was not impressed at all with it. There were 2 shots that were shot from a tri-pod stand at 150 yards and they were 3 inches off each other. Crouching down I can put 3 Hornady rounds within 2 inches of each other at over 200+ yards. I'm a Hornady fan for sure. If it wasn't for the accuracy and knock down power of Hornady that shot would have been a lot harder or I would've missed it all together.