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Long Range Whitetail

Category: A-MAX®

Product: 30 Cal .308 208 gr A-MAX®

Shooter: Doug Roope

Posted: Jun 7, 2010

I spotted this buck with a herd of about 15-18 deer feeding in the shadows in the early afternoon on opening day of our general rifle season here in Montana. The terrain was wide open, and was nearly impossible to put a sneak on these deer. I got as close as I dared get before a couple of does spotte me and started getting nervous. I checked & double checked the range; it came in at 687 yds. and 685 yds. The wind was calm, so I set the BDC dial on my Leupold to 675 yds. + 1click and settled in behind my Savage 110 chambered for the 300 RUM, and loaded with the 208 gr. A-Max's on top of Retumbo powder. The buck turned toward a doe just as the trigger broke, and my 1st shot went just over his back. The buck froze in his tracks, quartering to me, and looking around for whatever it was that exploded into the hillside above him. I quickly ranged him again, it was still 675 yds. I backed the BDC dial up 1 click & settled back in. I broke the 2nd shot with the reticle resting between the right front shoulder and the base of the neck. He disppeared at the shot.
The entrance hole was as big as a nickel, and the bullet was found in front of the left hind quarter when we skinned the deer. It still weighed 148gr. Not bad for a match bullet! IMO...!