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Category: InterBondŽ

Product: 30 Cal .308 165 gr InterBondŽ

Shooter: JK Bordelon

Posted: Jan 3, 2012

12/29/2011 Whitetail rut is picking up in east-central LA. Hunt one of my farms that has abundant deer, but usually save my shots for really nice deer.

Had my 10 yr old son with me, I limit his shots to what he feels comfortable with. Ten minutes of good shooting light left, two bucks emerge, far. Across a cut soybean field. No wind, light was right, good prop. Ranged him at 465 yards. One shot and a thump 2 seconds later. He fell in his tracks.

Honestly, I think I shot the wrong buck. Good thing it is my own land.

A-bolt Mountain Ti, 300 wsm, Interbond 165gr., 63gr H4350, R9.5LR primer.

Killed a 327# whitetail in Kansas with the same load November 30, at very close range. Very similar results.

Thanks Hornady