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Category: A-MAX®

Product: 30 Cal .308 178 gr A-MAX®

Shooter: Tim

Posted: May 15, 2012

It was the last day of our rifle season & it was also Doe day. I got ready & walked up to the woods just a minute from my house. I was sick with a touch of the flu & was feeling like yesterdays leftover meat loaf but i went on. As I was walking up to my spot, I saw my neighbor & his son skinning a deer and he said, "Go get 'em Trapper!" So I went on to my spot. I hadn't even got my backpack off when I spotted 2 nice does looking right me. I slipped on my 300 WBY Vanguard & got the crosshairs on her & BOOM! I saw a white spray that puzzled me at first until I got to where she was laying & noticed a wood smell in the air. After looking around I found a tree shot clean through IMHO if I was using any other bullet, I would not have got her. Hornady Is #1.

Teamed up with my Weatherby 300 mag deer dont stand a chance at any range here . Believe it or not!