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Laguna Mtn Mule Deer 2011

Category: .284 7mm

Product: 7mm .284 154 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Robert W. Gonzales

Posted: Nov 18, 2011

I shot this buck in an area called Pioneer Mail, located in the Laguna Mtns east of San Diego, Ca. He was in a mix of new growth, oakbrush and pine trees. This area was burned during the Cedar Fire of 2005. The deer I've been seeing during my scouting trips have been in excellent condition. Good cover, browse and bedding areas throughout the county due to past fires has produced excellent health. The buck was feeding in a thicket of oakbrush 300yds from me. I moved into a better position at 200yds. I placed my reticle behind his shoulder, squeezed the trigger and placed a 154gr SST from my 7-08 Rem 700 Classic. The buck traveled 40yds uphill and expired under pine tree.
Thanks Hornady for producing a great product with outstanding accuracy, ballistics and killing efficency.