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KY deer

Category: 50 Cal

Shooter: Kevin Peek

Posted: Dec 21, 2011

I have been hunting my farm all season long and throughout the season have seen some nice 2 year old bucks, but during the last weekend of modern gun season I saw a monster buck. When I first saw him I could not tell if he was a eight or ten pointer but knew he was a mature buck. That was the last day of modern gun and I could not get a shot. So on December 12th, I got into my stand a litlle bit early because there was a full moon and I thought the deer would be moving early. It was one of the colder days (around 25 degrees) and around 7:40 I had five doe come by. They made their way past me and walked up to the field and trotted across and headed towards the back of the field. After not seeing anything else around 9:00 I climbed down from my stand and decided to walk to the back of the field and get in a stand I had that overlooked a creek and was about 400 yards from where I saw the monster buck a week before. I settled into the stand and was only sitting there about 30 minutes when I heard something to my left. I pulled my muzzleloader up and looked through my scope, all I could see was the huge rack that the deer had. I had hunted the stand during bow season and used my range finder on certain spots. The deer was about 115 yards and walking away from me, so I knew I had to take a quick shot. I pressed my muzzleloader againt my shoulder and pulled the trigger letting the 50cal HORNADY SABOT fly. I had to take a shot where I had to shoot through some brush it was the only shot I had, but the HORNADY SABOT went through it with no problem. After firing, all I could see was smoke for a few seconds (which seemed like hours) and then I saw the deer turn and run about 15 yards and stop. Standing in my stand in disbelief watching the deer, he then ran another 15 yards and fell. When I walked up on the deer I could not believe how huge his rack was. The main beams were 28" and the G2's were 15 ". The buck "green" scored 176 2/8". I have been told that there has only been one other 8 pointer in Kentucky that has ever scored over 170". I want to say thank you to Hornady for helping me harvest a deer of a lifetime!!