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Kansas Coyote 22-250 50gr. Varmint Express

Category: 22-250 Rem

Product: 22-250 Rem 50 gr V-MAX®

Shooter: Marv Farmer

Posted: Dec 14, 2010

I ran out of my 52 gr. BTHP hand-loads, didn't have time to re-load, had to call this coyote that I had been seeing ASAP. I went to my local gun shop, grabbed a couple of boxes of Hornady 22-250 Rem 50 gr. V-MAX Varmint Express ammo, sighted in, incredible out-of-the box factory ammo 4-shot 5/8" group at 100 yards on a windy afternoon!!! I waited til the next morning (11-27-10) to call in this coyote. He came out of a stubble field, set himself down at the edge of the stubble looking in the direction of the e-caller and wouldn't cross the open field, he just set there. So, one frontal chest shot at a measured 210 yards flopped him over backwards and he never moved from there. Small entrance hole, no exit, devastating and humane! After Coyote calling season, I'll try hand-loads with the 50 and 55 gr. V-MAX bullets in this Ruger M77 Hawkeye Predator but I can't imagine much improvement in accuracy or performance with these bullets that are already factory loaded for me at a reasonable price.