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Kalahari gemsbok

Category: FTX

Product: 45 Cal .458 325 gr FTX (45-70 & 450 Marlin)

Shooter: Mike Mattly

Posted: Apr 21, 2010

Before going to Africa, I wanted to make sure I have a bullet built to handle I big, tough animal, so I asked the techs at Hornady for some advice. The new 325 grain .458 bullet seemed to be the best option for me. I found that 120 grains of Triple 7 ffg powder and the 325 grain bullet would consistently shoot under 1" in my Long Range Hunter. I figured that this combination would give me over 1000 ft/lbs of energy at 200 yards if needed.

We tried several failed stalks on nice gemsbok, before we found this giant all alone. We were able to get down-wind and move into range as she fed late morning. I felt confident with my Long Range Hunter and 325 grain Hornady bullet out to 200 yards, but I was able to get within 145 yards for the shot. The bullet did a great job and the gemsbok only made it 40 yards before piling up. This is the unofficial world record Kalahari Gemsbok with a muzzleloader.