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Category: 30-30 Win

Product: 30-30 Win 160 gr FTX® LEVERevolution®

Shooter: Larry Walker

Posted: Jan 3, 2012

I was hunting last year. I had my 336 Marlin Cowboy gun in a 30-30 and a 8 point walked out at about 80 yards. I thought I would let him get closer because he was chasing a doe and she was coming toward me, sssooooo I thought he would too. It was looking good for a little while. The buck was following the doe step for step. They were going laterally to me but working closer as they went, so I waited. Well it was goin good for a little while and next thing I knew the buck had stopped. Oh no, no no, he was headed dead away from me, CRAP!!! I grunted, rattled, and bleeted, nothing. He was about to break over the hill and would be gone. In a last ditch effort I yelled not knowing if he would stop, blow or just go but something had to happen. Couldn't believe it when he stopped broad side. It was a long ways off but I took a rest and shot. Waited about 20 mins. or so and went to see what happened. All the way I was thinking I should have pulled a little high because the 150 gr. hollow points I was used would drop about 2 inches at that distance. I got to where he was standing and there was blood. Well maybe... So I walked about 20 yards on blood and lost blood. Went back to last blood and looked around he was under a ceder tree D.O.A. all the way. Pulled him out and looked at his sholder on exit side put both fists in the hole easy. Looked on enter side it was perfect behind the sholder like a 20 yard shot. Since then, there has been no other ammo allowed near my 336. The only ammo is HORNADY 165 GR. LEVERevolution. It's the best to be had. I'm even going to put POWERED BY HORNADY stickers on it. Oh yea stepped off from where he was to my stand....143 steps. To some of you guys thats nothing. I'm in northern Arkansas with trees, brush and all the hunters nightmares. I'm used to shooting 3 to75 yard shoots with my 30-30 to air it out like that on a deer didn't happen. Coyotes yea but not something to look for very hard. To get to my point.    HORNADY ROCKSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats all I load in my 336 Marlin now and it's a great team, works perfect for me. Thank you Hornady for your ammo and you have my full faith.