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Hornady HPBT

Category: .224 22 CAL

Product: 22 Cal .224 75 gr BTHP

Shooter: randyj13

Posted: Jun 8, 2010

I tried the 75 grain bullets about 3 years ago. Once I found the right load, I can't see any reason to ever go back to another brand. 
I load my own ammo and shot my first cleans with the 75 gr Hornady bullets. I have had many since and been able to clean both sitting and prone rapids with these bullets.
I have also cleaned the reduced course 100 yr target from hell with these bullets. That is a tough target to do.
I am trying to find the right load to push these bullets to 600 yds but may have to try a different bullet.
Thanks to your bullets I have made Master and sometimes shoot high Master scores. Not bad for a guy that doesn't get to shoot alot. Thanks for having the 600 packs as they make life better.