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Head Shot

Category: Bullets

Shooter: Luke Stabnow

Posted: Nov 22, 2011

It was the second day of firearm season; I was traveling through the trail as I've done for the last 30 years and see many does getting nervous at my presence. I keep watching as 10 passed through the draw ahead, hoping for some horns to appear. Finally he does with two more does in tow behind him. NICE! I know where he's headed and I hear hunters in that direction! I skedaddle around to head him off and find him in the timber below. The does are very nervous and the other hunters are getting closer! All I have for a shot is from the shoulder forward at 160 yards. It's now or never. I take the shot and he tips over without taking a step! Head shot, lower jaw. Found the bullet in his spine at the base of his neck while cutting off the head for mounting. THANKS Hornady for reliable products to utilize during our hunts! I had no doubt about the kill using you’re A-Max 30 Cal. bullets. (168 gr)