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gotta love Leverevolution

Category: MonoFlex™

Product: 30-30 Win 140 gr MONOFLEX™ LEVERevolution®

Shooter: justin

Posted: Sep 9, 2011

Needless to say I was not a fan of Hornady until last deer season, I hunt in Texas and I always used Winchester ammo. One morning I realized I had forgot my box of shells at home, my brother had been using Hornady for years loaned me a couple for the mornings hunt and we all Know that 30-30 round has a very heavy bullet. I happened to shoot a doe that very morning, I made the shot as she was standing perfectly. I laid the crosshairs on her neck and squezed off a shot. when I went to trail her I found her dead in her tracks. The funny thing was that the Hornady bullet was so much lighter and faster than the norm it had hit almost 10" high at 150 yds. Hornady - I am now a strong supporter and now a life long user.