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FTX Perfection

Category: FTX

Product: 30 Cal .308 160 gr FTX (30-30 Win)

Shooter: Hunter

Posted: Oct 1, 2012

I am sure there are a lot of people shooting the FTX bullets for one reason or another. I have known about Hornady bullets since the early 1970's, when my late Uncle Melvin told me about them while showing me his hand loading equipment.

This year, my son Hunter was old enough to deer hunt for the first time. He was using our old Marlin 336, and my hand loaded Hornady FTX bullets. He did extremely well for an 11 year old. He sat quite still for a youngster, and was quiet enough for a doe to come within 60 yards of both of us. He placed the cross hairs right where I told him to in our many trips to practice, and slowly squeezed the trigger. He hit just behind the front leg - a great shot for anyone, let alone an 11 year old first time hunter.

The doe half collapsed, and then took off like a rocket ship. She made it about 40 yards before collapsing. We picked up everything, and walked to the truck to get the cleaning equipment. The truck was only 100 or so yards away, so we did not bring it with us. When we opened her up, I was AMAZED at what I saw. I have been hunting for 42 years, and i have never seen a heart so perfectly destroyed by a bullet. He hit dead center of the heart, and the top 1/2 of the heart was ripped into 4 almost perfectly equal sections. I could look into the top, and see both large chambers of it. I am certain that the shot could not be duplicated on purpose. There was at least 50% luck in the exact placement. But what a shot!

The performance of the FTX bullet could not be flawed in any way shape or form. And for what it is worth, the bullet slipped right between two ribs on the way in. So the expansion of the bullet was due solely to the engineering and quality of the bullet. I only wish I could have gotten pictures of the heart. I forgot to check the batteries in my sons camera before we left. I was fortunate enough that our friend had his camera to take a photo of my son next to his deer.

All I can say is THANK YOU to the engineers, designers, and workers at Hornady for making such fine bullets. All you fathers out there know how important it is for your sons or daughters first hunt to go well. And it is hard to beat an outcome like this. My son will have a great story to tell his children.