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Follow-Up on GMX 130 Deer Kill

Category: GMX®

Product: 270 Cal .277 130 gr GMX®

Shooter: J Picher

Posted: Nov 28, 2011

Follow-up Bullet Recovery Report on GMX 130 Deer Kill – 11-22-2011 By J.Picher 11-25-11
Performance – 130 grain Hornady GMX (a solid copper alloy bullet) from 24” Barreled Rem 700 BDL SS, MV 3125 fps.
November 19, 2011 - 130 lb. spike-horn buck, taken from tree stand 45-50 yards, running flat-out, directly away from the hunter at about 3:00 from the hunter’s sitting, centerline. The shot was made left-handed by a right-handed shooter and although the shot appeared well aimed, the hunter didn’t see the bullet strike and was unsure as to the lethality of the shot.
At the shot, the deer went down nose first, rear end flipping over the head and landing on its back, then rolling onto its right side. Although the shot was lethal, the deer briefly struggled to get up on its front legs, before being dispatched by another shot through the front shoulder/lungs.
The bullet entered at the spine from the top of the back at about a 15 degree angle. It was recovered in the neck area, passing nearly straight from back to front of deer. The meat cutter said it “hammered” the deer .
Average weight of original bullets 130.0 grains
Weight of recovered bullet……….. 127.2 grains
Lost weight (incl. Plastic tip)………. 2.8 grains
Percentage retained weight ……… 98%

The hunter feels that this performance was excellent and will continue using these bullets in the future.
J. Picher – Hunter/handloader