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First time using 300 gr. SST 12 ga. Slugs

Category: Superformance® Slugs

Product: 12 GA SST® 300 gr FTX® Slug

Shooter: Matt

Posted: Nov 23, 2010

After not gun hunting for 4 years (I'm a diehard bowhunter) I decided to join my father-in-law and brother-in-law for the Illinois gun season. So I bought a brand ner H&R rifled 12 ga. Now I needed a great slug to go with the tack driver I just bought. Some guys at Gander MT. told me about these Hornady slugs that cost less than most and preformed amazing on deer. So here we are with these slugs sighted in 3 in. high at 75 yds and the box says 6.9 in. drop at 200 yds. (yeah right 200 yds out of a slug gun I'm thinking no way). Ok so second day of the season an old fat doe walks out at a whopping 26 yds. and then travels another 2 feet straight down when I fire. I was impressed with the wound and devastation that this slug inflicted. So since my season was over I decided to let my brother-in-law use my gun instead of his smooth bore bird gun so he could hopefully harvest his first deer ever. I told him that the box said the slugs were good to 200 yds. and that he would need to hold about 8 in. high at that range. Well the next day he had a old mature doe step out at 170 yds. He held about 7 in. high and the slug nailed her about 4 in. below his hold. She went a total of 30 yds. and piled up from the double lung hit. The bullet did not blow out the other side but lodged in her off shoulder. the expansion and wound channel was amazing. Any question on the ability of this combo to do what Hornady says it can do was laid to rest that day. I will never even consider buying another brand of slug. Thanks for a great and affordable product