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First Predator

Category: .243 6mm

Product: 6mm .243 65 gr V-MAX®

Shooter: Derek Sando

Posted: Feb 11, 2011

I just started calling predators this year, I am 19 years old and I live in Northern Wisconsin. I have always been a Hornady fan and love all of their products. I shot this fox at about 30 yards with 65 grain Hornady V-Max with my 243 Remington 700. It is the first predator that I have called in and killed. It was a huge rush! A friend and I were sitting back to back on an oak ridge that belongs to a friend of ours. He was home from Canada and wanted to shoot a coyote really badly and we had tried all day. We decided to do one last stand before dark. It was early January and about -5 degrees. I was tired after walking in the deep snow all day and after not seeing a thing all day, I was ready to be done and just relax. I was paying attention to a Barred Owl that had flew in looking for the cottontail rabbit, I was playing with my Primos Catnip. I saw a dark thing from the corner of my eye and there he was! He was looking right at me honed in to where the call had been coming from. I could not move because he was looking right at me so I waited until he turned his head, threw my shooting sticks out of the way got him in the scope and pulled the trigger. He jumped and barked and growled a few times and then went down. The 65 grain bullet entered his right upper leg and blew out his left side. An area about 1.5 yards behind where I had shot him was sprayed with blood and fur. It was a poor shot that hit him low but I was working with limited time because I had to move so much he was spooked. All in all the V-Max did its job. I love the accuracy of the bullets, My handloads are about an inch group at 300 yards in the V-Max and I also shot a deer this year with SST's. The deer was the same story. Great bullet performance on a Whitetail with the 243. I have more bullets shipping to me now! Cant wait to load em up!