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First kills with Hornady Ammo

Category: SSTŪ

Product: 308 Win 150 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Bill

Posted: Oct 27, 2012

I purchased some of your Hornady Custom ammo in .308 with the 150g SST bullets, product #8093. What great ammo this is! I was able to keep moa at 100 yards while sighting in (Remington 700 VTR) and I have been fortunate enough to take two whitetails with it. Both were one stop shots, dropped in their tracks. Both animals were about 75 yards away.

I recovered one of the bullets and it maintained 100.01 grains in weight and expanded to .599". I could not believe the amount of energy it deposited in the animals. One entered above the left front shoulder, went through several organs and ended up in a completely smashed right hind thigh bone. The other animal was bad shot placement on my part as it was on the move and it severed the spine with devastating results. At least 6" of the spine was just gone. Great ammo can't wait for this season to arrive and hit the field again with your fantastic product.