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First deer with a new rifle.

Category: Lock-N-LoadŽ Classic

Product: Lock-N-LoadŽ Classic Kit

Shooter: John E. Howard

Posted: Sep 28, 2010

This is my story of my hunt with a new 270 Win Model 700 Remington. This was a few years ago. My wife was hunting with me at the time using the rifle she had bought for me. We were also had both her parents with us on the boat. I had seen a deer on the beach after being there for some time. I told my Father-in-law to drop me off on the beach so I could shoot it. When I got into posistion I looked at it through my 3-9 scope, cranked it up to 6x, put the red cross hair about 3" above the deers antler and squeezed off a round. Which I had loaded your 150 gr. Interlock bullet on top of a safe charge of 4813. While everyone were watching in the boat I hit the deer right below the head.
After the shot I got up and started counting the paces,when I got to 400 yds. I was surprised to see two deer laying there. The one I was aimming for was hit below the head and the other one was hit low in the neck. Man what a surprise that was. Two deer with one shot with brand new rifle.
After getting home and skinning them both we recovered the 150 gr. bullet in the off side of the deer that was hit low in the neck. What great way to start off with that rifle.
Thanks for a great product.