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First Deer

Category: XTP® (eXtreme Terminal Performance)

Product: 44 Cal .430 240 gr HP XTP®

Shooter: Jeff

Posted: Jun 6, 2011

I killed my first deer when I was 18 (about 13 years ago). I used my T/C Firehawk .50 cal muzzleloader. It was loaded with 90 gns of Pyrodex and a saboted Hornady XTP (240gn .44cal).
I was leaning against a tree facing downhill. About an hour into my hunt, a doe came walking the hill from behind my right side. I quickly realized the only shot I would pull off would be left handed. I slowly switched hands and contorted my body to the right, took aim and boom.
That XTP flattened that doe. When cutting up the deer I found the bullet still in tact but perfectly expanded. I couldn't believe that size of a bullet had such stopping power. From then on I was a believer in Hornady's products.