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First Buck

Category: LEVERevolution® FTX®

Product: 30-30 Win 160 gr FTX® LEVERevolution®

Shooter: Troy

Posted: Feb 2, 2014

My story isn't oe of a massive trophy. Or even a once in a life time hunt to anyone but myself. I've been hunting for 28 years, mostly deer. I archery hunt primarily but when I pick up a rifle the only round I'll send after an animal is Hornady! I fill a tag every year however I've never shot a buck. (I can't pass up a tag filling doe) That is untill last year. That year I turned 40. I went out with my 30-30 at noon pretty much to scout around for a possible place to sit for an evening hunt. Walked through a small clear cut looking for tracks. (texting my wife who just left for work). Not really even paying attention just kinda goofing around. I walked into the trees following a bit of a trail still not really paying attention, when I herd a limb crack! I looked up and there it was A BUCK 50 yards away. I could see him looking right at me! Slowly I pulled up my 30-30, pulled back the hammer and squeezed. Like I said, I only use Hornady ammo in my rifle this time it was Hornady Lever Revolution 160 gr. Needless to say I now can say I have filled a buck tag finally. He was just a forked horn but he was my first buck and a dandy first buck at that!!!!!