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First Buck!

Category: SSTŪ

Product: 30 Cal .308 180 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: LawDog

Posted: Dec 15, 2011

Went hunting at the Ranch earlier this week. In a pop-up hidden in the brush under a huge oak tree. Two shooting lanes going east and west. Was watching some does out at 140 yds and turned to see something walking through some dead fall. Saw his back, then part of his head, then the rack. Typical 8pt Texas Hill Country buck. Looks to be about 4 y/o and he weighed at least 150lbs. Getting him in the bed of the truck alone was a chore.

Shot was at around 75 yds with my Savage 10fp, .308, using 180gr Hornady SST at 2650fps, 43gr Varget, with Hornady Match Brass at 2.800 COL.

Damage was concentrated and extensive. Entered right at the heart and sheared the top off the heart. Very clean.

Sold on the SST. I have also been using the 68 match in my AR with great success at matches.