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First Black Bear. Spring 2011.

Category: MonoFlex™

Product: 30 Cal .308 140 GR MonoFlex™ (for 308 Marlin Express)

Shooter: Ken Kelloway

Posted: Jun 2, 2011

I enjoy hunting. I only hunt what i need, I bought my first rifle in 2010. It is a 308 Marlin Express lever action. Sharp looking gun, gray laminate stock, stainless barrel, and a 3-9x40mm scope in silver to match barrel. And I have good shooting with the 308 Marlin Exp. 160 gr. FTX. Ammo. The first animal I shot with this gun was a unoffical 300 lb, 5' 5" pelt, nose to tail, 16" head, tip of nose to between ear's, at 97 yards. In May @ 7:20 pm, took my time, watched him for a bit, waited for a good clean kill, and pulled the trigger. First shot down he went where he stood, neck shot, no meat ruined. " Good clean kill".