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Category: 50 Cal

Product: 50 Cal Sabot with 44 Cal 240 gr HP XTP® Bullet

Shooter: genrestyle

Posted: Oct 25, 2010

I have been shooting muzzleloaders for 18 years, handguns for 7 years and rifles since I was 12 and now being 45, an avid shooter and deerhunter, I started using Hornady when reloading for rifles. First, was the price isuse, your products are extremely cheap comparing with other brands of bullets. After trying others in my ammo I discover that Hornady makes about the best product for the money and went back with you guys, even if money is'nt a problem for me. I use them in my muzzleloader also, shooting 240 gr, XTP .429 bullets and getting great groups with it. Thanks to Hornady for making my life easier and more acurate. Hornady all the way !!!