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Deer shouldn't run, they will just die tired! Joetown WV 2011 First Day Buck Seaon

Category: LEVERevolution® FTX®

Product: 44 Mag 225 gr FTX® LEVERevolution®

Shooter: Noel Maddow

Posted: Nov 22, 2011

Prospects for a good day afield were not good. It had been raining off and on for two days and as I headed out up the hill on my West Virginia farm the drizzle began. Two nights prior I had climbed the hill to put an umberella above my blind under my favorite oak tree. During that trek a large bodied buck and I scared each other half to death. After I regained my composure I hoped to see him later once the season was in. Along with my rudimentary hunting gear, obligatory blaze orange jacket with LOTS of pockets to hold all a hunts needs I brought my favorite deer rifle, a Marlin 1894 Sporter in 44 Remington Magnum. I hunt with open sights as the thick brush proves difficult for any but the most basic optics. I can not describe the feeling of looking through the buckhorn sights and placing that little brass foresight right on top of a Whitetail's boiler room. In anycase I loaded my favorite shell, Hornady's 44 Magnum 225g FTX LeverEvolution and headed out. The climb up the steep slope was depressing, the rain had left a thin layer of slurry on top of everything and the fall leaves slipped from beneath me almost every other step. A fifteen minute climb in good dry weather took me almost twice that, but I was finally at my little blind. Not much of one actually, a camo umberella around the tree and a piece 3D camo fabric stretched between a crabapple tree and young oakling. I made a few last minute repairs to the umberella and blind. I adjusted my new folding stool, but found it unfamiliar and uncomfortable so I went back to just sitting on a fallen tree that converted the base of the oak tree into a relaxing easy chair. As sunrise crept closer and closer I could hear movement all around me. A small grey squirrel bounced in front of me, and his friends were in such great number that I swear they much read the DNR regulations and full on know I can not shoot them. Two weeks before I had not seen a half dozen of the little tree rats and saw even fewer when I and my youngest daughter went out hunting them. I watched the time tick by slowly checking my watch which did not seem to be moving very fast. I heard a shot off in the distance, someone had jumped the gun on sunrise. Then sunrise, I tooted my grunt call but heard nothing, no reply or movement. Some time passed and I tried it again giving the air a short blast of doe estrus. I hit the grunt call again and thought I heard some movement but saw nothing. Shots were ringing out all around from adjoining farms. About 8;15 I grunted and turned a bleat can. That got somethings attention. I saw the buck working his way from his bed deep in a thicket. I raised my rifle. I have five shooting lanes I cleared with a good stout tree at the end of the lanes just incase a shot goes awry. I place the brass bead right on the Buck's left shoulderblade. He was looking around for the buck that dared intrude on his territory and which of his unfaithful doe's was making goo goo eyes at this homewrecker. He never saw me, he was just too mad to be looking for a human, I touched off the shot. Bang! The 44 magnum rifle is so pleasant to shoot, no painful recoil no obsenely loud report, just Bang! The bullet hit just a little high from point of aim, but he was no more than 35 yards away. The buck reared up and launched himself about 15 feet, His front legs hit the ground but they betrayed him and he went to ground, his back legs kicked again but all it did was force him to do a forward flip and he came to rest on a small slope and slid down another 15 or 20 feet along the wet leaves. I walked over to him, In the time it would take to count "Two Mississippi" the king was dead. What was obvious was the exit wound, right between the last two ribs. After a challenging drag back to the farm and to the tree I dress wild and domestic animals, I made a closer inspection of his wound. The scapula had forced the FTX bullet to open full on as the hole behind the pulverized shoulderblade was almost 1 inch across. The bullet had destroyed one lung, severed the aorta, destroyed the other lung and also lacerated the diaphram. Although not a record buck by any stretch, his Nine Points with a nice little spread is respectable for around here. The Marlin and Hornady did not let me down and lived up to thier reputations. I am not only a fan but a salesman that recommends Hornady products to just about everyone. I feel so justified when I pull off a good clean kill. I hear multiple shots from other places with very little game taken -- I find it hard to beat the Marlin/Hornady match-up I use. You just can't argue with the results. I just want to tell the deer, "don't run, you will just die tired".