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deer hunt 2011

Category: 308 Winchester

Product: 308 Win 150 gr SST® Superformance®

Shooter: Tyson

Posted: Jun 10, 2012

I tagged my deer with Hornady Superformance 308 150 grain bullets. It was a long cold hunt and the deer were scarce and under sever pressure. I hiked in three miles and came out on a burn where I spotted deer in the bottom, roughly 1500 yrds. I began to sneek in to about 980 yards when the does spotted my movement, now wary of my presence I threw up my nikon monark binos and started glassing the deer in the bottom. The buck was broad side and looking dead at me so I quickly changed from binos to my remington mohawk 600 .308. I calculated my drop compensating the 600 feet in down angle and clicked my scope. the wind was nil to none and I steadied my self on a fallen dead juniper tree. At 980 yrds one shot and the buck was down.

Thanks hornady for all the great research and development, and for making superb ammo that is accurate and reliable. Without that dependable reliability, I would have been eating tag soup.