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Deer Grenade

Category: SSTŪ

Product: 270 Cal .277 140 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Jake

Posted: Jun 14, 2011

Hornady – Deer Grenade

I started reloading for my son Jake because he was ten years old, he shoots the 270 Winchester, and I did not want to pay the premium price for reduced recoil rounds. The Hornady SST bullets caught his eye because of their sleek boat tail look and the red tips. I bought a box of 140 grain, 270 Cal. SST bullets because they had all the features I was looking for: boat tail, thick jacket, SST tip and low cost.

Over last couple of summers, Jake was able to get comfortable shooting out to 200 yards. He had total confidence in his shooting skills by the time deer hunting season came along.

An anxious Wisconsin doe came into our stand, and you could tell she was going to bolt at any second. Jake could only see the back of her head at forty yards, and he made a perfect shot from a resting position. Later that season he shot another deer in the neck at seventy yards. Neither deer took a step. This year we had a doe walking by, but it was hard to find a shot. Finally, she stopped broadside at 90 yards out. He shot and she disappeared. We were worried about recovering her because she was two steps away from a thick grown over clear cut area and it was going to be dark soon, but she was lying right where she had stood. While field dressing the doe, we realized that the Hornady SST bullet had seriously damaged every vital organ in the chest cavity. I think Hornady should rename their SST bullet the “Deer Grenade”.