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Colorado Cow Elk with Henry .44 Big Boy and LEVERevolution ammo!!

Category: LEVERevolution® FTX®

Product: 44 Mag 225 gr FTX® LEVERevolution®

Shooter: Leo

Posted: Nov 29, 2011

YooHoo, Elk in the freezer friends at Hornady!

Cow Elk yeah...Maybe no big deal BUT A big challange completed for me!
Got her tonight with my .44 mag. Henry "Big Boy" Lever action at 75 yards with open sights!!!!
Was awesome as can be, close quarters and small shooting window with the herd on the run!

Your ammo knocked her flat! Shot was a little far back but hit the spine and that was that!
The entry hole looks like she was hit with a bowling ball!
I used your new Hornady LEVERevolution ammo in 225 grains. IT'S AWESOME!
Found the bullet in the back chest caviety and was AMAZED at the size and retention of what was left over!
I should send you a pic of the bullet, I'll put it on my reloading grain scale to see how much weight is left?
AND It expanded PERFECTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone that saw it, was like...WOW!!!!!!!!

So, one item that I can take off my bucket list! LOL
Was a real memorable hunt for sure!!
Just like the old mountain men of the 1800's!!!
Cool huh? Thought that you at Hornady might get a kick out of this!
But I'm sure you get emails like this all the time, Man what great ammo!

Thanks again, I'm sold and will be buying this ammo for years to come!!!!!!!
Cheers from Silverthorne, Colorado~