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Category: Superformance®

Product: 270 Win 130 gr SST® Superformance®

Shooter: James Vogel

Posted: Oct 25, 2011

I just had to know.

10 feet from muzzle. Shooting prone. consistent point of aim and impact. From my CZ 550 FS (yep 20" ) barrel The Hornady80543 130 Grain SST BC 0.46 Superformance 270 Winchester. 100 yard range. No wind. 900 Ft Elevation, 62 Degrees Wetbulb thermometer, 10 shot average Mean 3048 FPS +/- 2 FPS... That is right, most shots were right on the velocity mark or with in 2 fps. that's right, 24 inches per second in velocity. I cut my grains, and can not come close to this. Remember I did not compensate for the 10 feet from MV so I am expecting slightly higher results. The CZ 550 FS is an outstanding rifle with a single set trigger that breaks like a thin ice-cycle. Oh, I was shooting a Shepherds P1 optic. Also a bad ass optic. Yep, it is a lot of money. but in inadvertently while making sure I did not get carried away again and blow apart another chrony...My relaxed focus on the target with a considerable amount of focus on the chrony yielded a 3/4" 10 shot group. Remember ... that is not what I was there for. Now all my data is plastered on the side of the rifle. Armed with the rocket science, trajectory and experience, I believe this is the finest ammo that I can get... I can not even cut grains and get these results. Only think closer so far was the AMU stuff from CMP