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Central N.C. Handgun 8 Pointer

Category: XTP® (eXtreme Terminal Performance)

Product: 44 Cal .430 240 gr HP XTP®

Shooter: Mark

Posted: Apr 12, 2014

On December 3rd, 2013, I hunted my ground blind in a small 9 year old timber cut (10 acres). I got to the blind before light and as it began to break light, I could see a deer in my lane. At first I couldn't tell what it was. So, I waited patiently and as it got lighter, he raised his head.....WOW! I knew he was by far the best deer I'd seen in this particular spot. I had to wait for legal light and finally got him in the scope on the Super Redhawk and sent a hand loaded, 240 Gr. XTP his way, he bucked and hit the thick stuff. The recoil from the pistol didn't give me much time to assess his reactions. So, I decided to back out to check the video and saw that he was hit. I called a friend and when we got to where he was standing, I looked to my left and spotted that white tail about 12 yds away. I had hit him in the Shoulder where I was aiming, and that XTP passed through both shoulders at 60 yds! Not my largest deer, but by far the largest I've ever taken with a hand gun. My close friend and Co Worker Tommy, who was holding the video camera when I walked up on the deer passed away suddenly in February. Rest In Peace, my friend.