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Buffalo hunting at Stonyford, Ca.

Category: Ammunition

Shooter: Raymond Houghton

Posted: Dec 31, 1970

My wife surprised my last Christmas with a Ruger 375 African and while I didn't make it to Africa last year to hunt Cape Buffalo, I thought I would try my 375 Ruger African on American Bison in Stonyford, California.

I used the Hornady 375 Ruger 300 gr. DGX from 75 yards for a shot between the eyes of this 2 year bull. The herd was very edgy as we approaced within 100yds and serveral times started a bluff charge, so we back off and started another approach.

The bull netted 500 lbs of prime bison meat which we've been enjoying here in the high desert of Central Oregon. The skull was mounted by my taxidermist and required alot of skull repair due to the DGX bullet expansion, with the bullet hole dead center between the eyes.

I am now looking to take the combination of Ruger 375 and Hornady Dangerous Game ammo to Tanzania next year for a Cape Buffalo hunt. I reload all my Ruger rifles and handguns with Hornady with great success and satisfaction. The accuracy of the bullets and shells is outstanding.

Thanks Hornady!
Raymond Houghton