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Buck named V-MAX

Category: 50 Cal

Product: 50 Cal Sabot with 45 Cal 240 gr XTP® Mag Bullet

Shooter: Garry French

Posted: Jan 20, 2011

I first saw V-MAX the summer of 09 in my hay field and never saw him again until the summer of 2010. My friend Jason named the buck V-MAX. I started getting trail camera pictures of him in velvet. I started hunting him the last week in Oct 2010 and never saw him until the morning of Nov, and then things started to happen. He appeared on the edge of my bean field, crossed and started down the edge of my corn field. He got within 32 yds and started to turn to go into the corn, I put my sights on him, and the arrow was on its way. I hit him! He ran to the other side and into the neighbor’s field. I saw blood out his side; he walked slow but never stopped. O boy, I am in trouble now, a bad shot. Called some friends and the next day we started to look for him, followed the blood trail, he had crossed the road, I lost this big buck.
Nov 17, 2010 I go to my stand, pull my card from the trail camera, looked at my pictures that evening and there he was, rough shape but alive. Never saw him during the 9 day gun season.
Dec 8, 2010 the last day of muzzleloader season, five does come by and about 30 yds behind them I saw a buck. Waited until he was at 38 yds, it was V-MAX, I shot, and he ran about 60 yds and piled up. The bullet did a great job. Shot him behind the shoulder and it took out his lungs. You talk about an excited person, I called everybody.
V-MAX dressed out at 230 lbs, 7 point, 21 ¼” inside spread, neck 29 ¼”, nose to tail 71”.
I am having a full body mount on V-MAX.