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British Columbia Black Bear

Category: 30-06 SPRG

Product: 30-06 Springfield 150 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: Warren Nichols

Posted: Dec 20, 2011

The day was May 29, 2011. Warren was on a week long holiday in Williams Lake, visiting family and getting some prime spring black bear hunting in with his dad and grandpa.

The first days Warren passed on several bears. Being early and seeing plenty of sign and plenty of bears he held out for something bigger.

The Thursday and Friday of his hunt, he tried a different area. It poured rain and didn't see much for bears. So on his last day in town he went back to the area he had seen plenty of bears.

On the 29th it was sunny and warm. Prime conditions for bear hunting. He left mid day for his hunt. Only a few kilometers down the road from where his dad resides. It was just him and his dad on this outing.

Right after they turned down the road they spotted a small 4 foot bear snacking on the lush dandelions on the side of the road. Warren and his dad reached the end of the road and decided to head back. It was still a little early, but Warren had to get back to the house so he could pack his stuff up to head home.

Then just several hundred yards down the road, there stood a big black spot. So Warren's dad pulled the truck over. Warren's dad brought up his binos. "it's a boar" he said with confidence. "do you want him?" he continued.

Being the last day in town Warren said he wanted that bear. So they grabbed their gear and started walking down the road towards the bear. The bear wandered off the road into a log landing. With the bear out of sight, Warren and his dad made their way quickly down the road. About a 100 yards from where the bear was spotted, Warren loaded his Weatherby Vanguard 30-06 with Hornady's Superformance 150 grain SST.

Another 100 yards down the road they came to the edge of the clearing. Warren and his dad crawled up along the ditch and found a stump to conceal themselves behind, that doubled as a sturdy rest. Warren brought up his rifle and set the bear in the sights of his Weaver 40/44 3-9x40 scope. Warren switched off the safety and let his SST fly. The bear ran 20 yards and there he lay.

The bear measured 5.5' nose to tail with a skull that dried out at over 19 inches. Spending time out in the woods with family is his favourite past time. Being successful is just the cream on the pie.