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Awesome shot

Category: Superformance® Slugs

Product: 12 GA SST® 300 gr FTX® Slug

Shooter: Chris N

Posted: Dec 12, 2011

December 4, 2011. Was out for a morning hunting, kind of cold and cloudy. Been watching a group of does on the other side of the field for a few hours. Then I noticed a deer that appeared to be a different color. I grabbed the bino's and looked, it was a buck, biggest one I have seen. Still kinda new to hunting, so forgive my excitement. He was 400 yards away, I told myself I was going to grunt at him and if he didn't respond I was going to go after him. I grunted and he looked straight at me with a what did you just do look on his face. He started coming straight at me, 400 yards out just straight to me. I grunted a few more times and it just seemed to piss him off. About 160 yards he stopped, looked around, gave me a broadside shot. Smoked him, one in the chest at 160 yards is damn good for a shotgun. He ran a little ways and layed down, then I guess he remembered he got shot and freaked out, started kicking and running again for about 30 yards, and then fell over. I was shaking with excitement, couldn't believe what just happened. It was awesome. Everytime I go to buy ammo I always look for Hornady ammo. I will never shoot anything different again. I have harvested 5 deer total, two with my bow, and three with my shotgun. Hornady slugs will take one shot to stop the animal. Two deer last year, one was 90 yards and the other was 140 yards. No deer ran far enough to call in help to search, seen where two of three lay, the third one was right on the other side of the brush.