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Armor piercing 270 WIN

Category: 270 Win

Product: 270 Win 130 gr SST® Superformance®

Shooter: Ed Roy

Posted: Aug 17, 2011

I bought one of those solid steel plate spinning targets about a week ago. It's 3/8 of an inch thick. The package said it was good for up to 30-06, but not closer than 200 yards. So I thought I would try my 270 Win at 200 yards. My first shot was a handloaded 130 grain Hornady spire point. It pulled the target out of the ground and when I inspected it, it had a crater about half way through. Next I tried a factory Hornady 130 grain Superformance SST. Whack!!! I went down to inspect the still standing target. It had a hole clean through that measured 1/2 inch in diameter. Now that is superformance!