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Arkansas boar hunt

Category: 44 Mag

Product: 44 Mag 240 gr XTP®

Shooter: Ben Bradberry

Posted: Jun 7, 2010

After two years of increasing success handgun hunting whitetails in the hardwood timber of the riverbottoms, I decided to head to Southern-most Arkansas and try my luck at bagging a hog. Expected to see a few, maybe even harvest a eating size hog in the 100-150 pound class. I got a surprise on my second day. A group of fifteen or so hogs fed up a creek drainage right to me, and I was able to perforate the biggest one in the bunch from all of 11 yards.

The first shot was (unknown to me) a winner, right across the top of the heart and only the thickness of the "shield" on the off-side shoulder kept the slug from a complete pass through. The next two shots were instinct, the hog was, after all, still on his feet and fairly intimidating at such close quarters. Shots two and three WERE complete pass throughs, both hit the lung area and were spectacular to witness. The boar was visibly rocked with each shot. It is a testament to a hog's toughness that with three larger-than-half-inch holes through his body the boar stayed on his feet for several more yards.

Could not be more pleased, or impressed, with the performance of the XTP bullets. The only recovered one measured .712 inches (!) , perfectly expanded. Veritable sledgehammers when fired from my Ruger Super Blackhawk, and all that I shoot through it now.