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almost !!!!!

Category: Shotgun

Shooter: brittany

Posted: May 3, 2014

It was 12/7/13 Iowa first gun season about -5/10 before 20mph winds. Brittany had just been dropped off to her spot on top of a terrace overlooking a draw with 75 yards to the end of the draw. After about an hour of waiting, she saw movement and out came two bucks and a doe. Outside and looked then the big guy went back in the other buck followed and the doe just stayed there being a 16 yr old hunter she was a little disappointed she thought she lost her chance. She watched the doe for about 15 minutes and saw something come out of the other side! It was two bucks, this time the little guy was leading.
The doe picked up her head and looked back, she watched for a few then went back to eating. The two bucks stayed to the far side about 200yds away. Brittany pulled up and watched the bucks she had a tile drain that she knew she could hit and she wanted that big guy to hit that drain!! She was so focused on the bucks, she forgot about the doe which was now 15 yds away from her. She very slowly put her head back down from over her gun and focused on the bucks. By now, they were almost where she wanted them! She was just about to shoot when she heard that sound (you know the sound when a deer sees something but not sure exactly what it is) the infamous SNORT!!! She looked up and the bucks were starting to move slow with tails twitching she adjusted her stance and BANG!! Both bucks bolted. I said lets go look by the road maybe we will see something there. By the road we found small drops,she goes to the other side and says.... DAD? UMM? I go over and look and there on the weeds was a very good amount of blood I said ok lets wait and give him time to relax and we did we came back 3 hrs later and followed the blood the rest the pictures can tell!!