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A-Max match targets - 100 meters/109 yds

Category: Match™ - A-MAX®

Product: 308 Win 168 gr A-MAX®

Shooter: Don Branen

Posted: Sep 23, 2012

Greetings... These targets were shot by me with my Remington SPS tactical, 20" barrel. Targets were set at 100 meters (109.36 yds). I've enclosed the targets containing my last four Groups. I shot a 5 round group (lower rt target) which measured .388 in.

By that time, my barrel was really starting to get was about 97F and about 78% humidity and my next two groups showed this (see bottom middle target) I fired two, 3 shot groups and I saw that both were vertically stringing more with each shot. Even so, both groups were .380 and .388.

I then let the barrel cool (as well as myself) and then after I cleaned the cooled weapon I fired another two groups The first group was of 5 rounds (top right) which went into a ragged hole measuring .196 in. Then I shot my last three rounds (top middle target) into one hole measuring .190. Pretty cool for a factory weapon I thought.

The ammo used for this was the Hornady TAP (red box) 168 Grain Precision AMAX round. This weapon really loves the Hornady AMAX rounds...both the TAP and the AMAX Match rounds...but it does not shoot as well with the TAP FPD 168 grn AMAX round. I spoke with Hornady and one of the reps told me that the TAP FPD (For Personal Defense) is more of a civilian round and although the bullet is the same...the propellant is a little different. Would the burn rate affect the accuracy that much? Interesting to say the least.

Enjoy the day...Don Branen