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5.6 Varmenter/AKA 22/250 Ackley Improved

Category: .224 22 CAL

Product: 22 Cal .224 53 GR V-MAX®

Shooter: Larry Ciejka

Posted: Jun 29, 2011

I tried your new .224 cal. 53 gr. V-MAX bullets. I worked up a load simply by increasing powder charge until I was just below the point where there is any indication of pressure. (I have been loading and wildcating for over 45 years and am considered a reloading expert - whatever that is supposed to mean!) The load was for a 5.6 Ackley (A.K.A. .22/250 Ackley Improved) on a VERY custom built rifle. When I reached the Maximum safe load I shot a group at 100 yards and two groups at 200 yards. The 100 yd group was 0.14 minute. One 200 yd group was 0.28 minute and the other was 0.36 minute.
I think your technology makes this bullet ready to take on any varmint!