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52 gr bthp load/220 Swift

Category: .224 22 CAL

Product: 22 Cal .224 52 gr BTHP

Shooter: cubdenn

Posted: Jan 2, 2013

In 1982 I bought my first 220 swift and read an article in one of the hunting or shooting magazines about developing shooting loads for your rifle. I chose the 52 gr BTHP Hornady bullet and worked with different loads of powder. I ended up with IMR4064 powder and 39.5 gr load. With that first rifle (a Ruger 77) I was able to single hole at 200 yards consistently. Since then I have killed an untold number of varmints: from ground squirrels in Idaho to coyotes here in Oregon. Some of my kills have been Wood Chucks in Michigan at the backend of 1/4 mile bean fields. I am still working on 1/2 mile kill which is on my bucket list. I use a 6x24 Burris standard cross sight scope.

I highly recommend this bullet and have told may people about the accuracy over the years. Including 4 1/2 years of owning Gun Gallery in Jacksonville FL in the late 80's and early 90's. It will one shot kill coyote here in Oregon at 430 yards measure on salletile photo for distance, because the hill was so steep I could not climb it with the boots I had on. Second one retreive at 210 yards was one shot kill through neck. It was setting down and looking around. Both kills were withness by a neighbor who was hunting with me.

This 52 gr BTHP Hornady Bullet 2249 is a real varmit killer and I highly recomend it. Its is easy to load, since the boat tail goes into the case really easily.