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5 shots at 100 yds under a dime!

Category: Match™

Product: 300 Win Mag 178 gr A-Max®

Shooter: Carl

Posted: Apr 3, 2014

I had spec'ed a custom rifle by GA Precision chambered in .300 Win Mag. Before the whole ammo craze and mass hoarding happened, I managed to buy 8 boxes of Hornady's .300 WM 178 gr A-Max factory ammo to "hold me over" until I eventually began developing my own ammo to suit the rifle. Imagine my surprise and amazement when it was printing groups like this at 100 yards! I honestly have no foreseeable urge to hand load now since this factory ammo performs so well!

Keep in mind that before this particular range trip I hadn't shot ANYTHING in almost 9 months. On top of that I have no formal precision rifle training. Credit is definitely owed to the rifle and Hornady ammunition combination! Great stuff!