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422lb Texas Boar

Category: Custom™

Product: 270 Win 130 gr InterLock® SP

Shooter: Randy Dudley

Posted: Sep 22, 2011

The hay patch on our ranch had been getting torn up almost every night by wild hogs. They were rooting to where you could no longer even drive through the pasture anymore. We tried trapping them but had limited success. So I decided to try and take care of the problem myself and I had great success doing so.

I had taken several smaller hogs from this hay field in recent days but this morning in particular was special. I had got to my blind that over looked the hay patch before just before daylight. It wasnt long before I could see a very large black silhouette moving around. I didn't get very excited at first because it was much to large to be a wild hog. I figured what I was seeing was one of our yearling Brangus calves.

As daylight came brighter I soon realized what I saw was definitely the largest wild boar I had ever seen in my life. He was working away from me going towards a wood line at 285 yards when I decided I had to make my move. As he was going away he turned his head just slightly as I cut him just under his ear and dropping him in his tracks with my .270 Sendero.

I knew he was big but there was no ground shrinkage here. He was even bigger than I had imagined. I had to use a front end loader to move him to our skinning rack because he was so heavy. This is where he weighed in at 422lbs.