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211 pound 8 pointer

Category: .284 7mm

Product: 7mm .284 162 gr SSTŪ

Shooter: G. Patton

Posted: Nov 5, 2012

It was a open sign in hunt 11-13-2010 on a Georgia WMA final day where I felt I had enough deer for the year but my 10 year old was still looking to pull the trigger. We had a herd of deer come out into a very wide power line clearing feeding and playing while my son tried to call and rattle an average 8-pointer in from 450 yards to no avail since they would stop about 350-400 yards out.

Finally a huge 8-point came out to play and we watched them for a little while while they all left the way they came and we heard the 2 bucks fighting. Sharing the excitement in the stand the big boy came out by himself and started feeding ignoring calls and rattles right after sunset. After 20 minutes of frustration that he was out of range for the muzzle loader my son begged me to shoot his deer for him. So I braced the 7mm mag against the tree to steady the shot and trusted the 175 yard zero to do the job with the crosshairs lined up at the top of it's back right over the shoulder. I squeezed the shot off and was shocked to have the first deer I shot with this load run. Son swore he jumped in the air and kicked like a mule but I was recovering from the mule that kicked my shoulder :).

After climbing down and pacing it off it was about 325 yards and the buck was on the ground at the other side of the clearing. He didn't make it 75 yards hit just a little lower than I had hoped. At the checkout station he weighed in at 211 pounds and was aged at 2.5 years that might have been 3.5. Inside spread 15 3/4" and is a large deer for around here.